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Tab Jones

with Paulo Sinski Microband and Smoke & Shadows

$10 door

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From the Promoter

The lost monthly Astral Projections returns from the ether to bring you a micro-festival of out-of-body experiences, featuring oneiric auditory & hallucinatory visions from the talented minds of Tab Jones, Paulo Sinski Microband, Kees Kees, Smoke & Shadows and Hemingway. This extra special event is packed with talent and vibe and only costs a tenner! The party kicks off early at 9pm and will go late.

Tab Jones (LIVE)
Tab Jones (born Sam Berlin) is a DJ, producer and beat maker who grew up in the underground club scene of NYC. The prolific artist blends together hip hop, house, soul and jazz to create a sound that's all his own. He has produced for up and coming rapper Pootie, toured Toronto and Seoul and released several albums and remixes through his bandcamp. We're proud to have him on board for a live beat set at Astral Projections!

Paulo Sinski Microband (LIVE)
A rave-ready Caribou, a darker Chemical Brothers, a friendlier Crystal Castles: That's who Paulo Sinski & his two-piece “Microband” sound like. ​​​​In simpler terms; they're a lush, high-gloss, indie dance type band.​​​​​​​

Smoke & Shadows (LIVE)
Emzy Anne will be joining forces once again with Smoke, aka Curtis Clark in an alchemic performance. Open your mind to the potential of each moment and allow your thoughts to pour out for all to listen. Smoke & Shadows blurs the line between meditation and performance through the use of improvised vocals & dance backed with original music.

Kees Kees (DJ)
Astral alumni Killer Kees is back on the platters to get you turnt on exuberant club tunes and rave obscura. As a radio host in her bedroom, Kees has been keeping the community going strong with her Kees Bedroom Radio platform.

Hemingway (DJ + VJ)
The astral don & VJ (visual juicer) for Astral Projections and co-owner of Cosmic Resonance Records. Hemingway creates music to both stimulate and escape, blending equal parts jazz, idm and leftfield sounds. His visuals combine a synaesthesia of VHS vestiges, psychoactive art, and obscure youtube ephemera.

$10 at the door - 9pm 'till close

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