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Spectrum Presents: Seven Wonders ft. So Long Seven

$10—$15 advance, $20 door

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Spectrum Presents: Seven Wonders ft. So Long

From the Promoter

From the underwater wonder of the great barrier reef to the dancing lights in the northern sky, the earth has inspired centuries of stories, art, and awe. Our fascination with the wonders of the world continue, with modern voyagers making pilgrimages to see the earth’s most marvelous sights with their own eyes. In this concert, the Spectrum composers turn to the natural world as a muse to inspire new works that celebrate the beauty and preservation of our planet. Seven new pieces by the Spectrum composers and guests James Ervin, William Lamoureux, and Sina Fallah explore the Seven Wonders of the Natural World, performed by eclectic jazz/world musician collective So Long Seven.