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Mark Morgan

with Carl Didur and New Tendencies

$10 door

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From the Promoter

Experimental guitarist Mark Morgan (Sightings, Wolf Eyes) has been creating textural sonic mutations for decades. His more recent solo work takes his signature sound of gnarled guitar notes grinding on each other with a dissonant magnetism & brings it to the next level. Slow burning industrial noise riffage evolves into angular screeches with the fluidity of funk, but the caustic flavour of an auto manufacturing plant. Morgan's accute sense of rhythm in his playing shows as he juggles errant distortion notes & corroding tones. Don't miss one of the most original & engaging guitarist around!

Part of the mastermind behind Zacht Automaat and Fake Humans, electronic manipulator & synthesizer Carl Didur creates equally as brilliant & encompassing solo compositions. Glowing organ tones hum over eerie tape loops & vibrating synth tones. An electronic wizard from a lost century. Toronto's best kept secret?

The solo electronic project of Matt Nish-Lapidus sees him migrate across varying landscapes from meditative ambient drones to minimal techno. Glitched electronics birth erratic beats, dancing sine waves curve & curl over each other in a slow motion ballet. Notes glob onto each other in a pointillist landscape. Nish-Lapidus composes an abstract language of humming & singing electronics that twist & bounce in a vacuum of space.

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