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From the Promoter

Is NEGATIVLAND a “band”? Media hoaxers? Activists? Artists? Musicians? Filmmakers? Culture jammers? Comedians? Negativland bills itself as a “goofy yet serious artist/activist collective of filmmakers, culture jammers, and musicians, in short an unhealthy mix of John Cage, Pink Floyd, Abbie Hoffman, 1970’s German electronic music, and old school punk rock attitude. They have not just touched on critical issues but have actually provoked (and in court defended) them: concepts that are today very much in the public eye such as intellectual property issues, file sharing, media literacy, the art of collage, creative activism in a media-saturated multinational world, evolving notions of art and ownership, and law in a digital age. Negativland becomes a subliminal culture sampling service concerned with making art about everything we aren’t supposed to notice.