This show has been postponed.



From the Promoter

A message from L’Impératrice:

Girls and guys! Due to evident measures taken by the US and FR governments to try and stop the spread of Coronavirus, we can’t leave Paris at the moment and are forced to postpone the whole upcoming American tour besides Coachella. We were so excited to play for you all, but as you all know the situation is critical.

But good news now: the tour will still happen, only rescheduled later. So please please keep your existing tickets as we will announce the new dates very soon!

If you can’t attend these new shows, refunds will be available from the point of purchase.

Needless to say that we are very sorry about all this and hope everybody will still be there, for even better shows.
Thank your for your understanding and your unfailing support, please stay safe!

Another good news among this mess is that by the time our second album should be out!