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Marisa Orth-Pallavincini

with Jennifer Scott and Rene Worst

$20 advance

From the Promoter

Marisa is delighted to present this concert of songs by British songwriter, Leon Rosselson whose songs have dazzled and amazed Vancouver audiences since the 1981 Vancouver Folk Music Festival. She has been a fan and friend of Leon’s since the early 80’s and is convinced that his songs continue to be brilliant, relevant and important today.

To quote the press:

“With dazzling lyrical technique, deftly woven inter-rhymes, a powerful understanding of image, irony and narrative verse, he paints vivid portraits of sadly displaced lives, fools in high places, the absurdities and occasional graces of modern life”- Boston Globe

“One of Rosselson’s great strengths is his wit and verbal dexterity but behind the humour there is always the high seriousness of a man whose vision is of a world turned upside-down.” -The Guardian

Jennifer Scott is a Vancouver-born vocalist and jazz pianist specializing in jazz, blues and world music. Jennifer is considered one of the most important jazz artists working in Canada and the United States today.

Rene Worst has been a professional bassist since 1971. His virtuosic and supportive bass playing has been a Canadian treasure for many years on both acoustic and electric basses.

Come support Rogue Folk, enjoy refreshments,
and listen to great songs!