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JP Maurice

with Leisure Club, Small Town Artillery and Year of the Wolf

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Small Town

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“Big change is coming” is JP Maurice’s anthemic promise to anyone who has seen their share of adversity. The seasoned Vancouver based musician, songwriter and producer knows the highs of his craft, but it’s in the lows where he finds his fire – taking the fuel of failed record deals, broken hearts, and the loss of loved ones and forging the pain into something beautifully optimistic.

After touring Canada, Europe, and then taking home 2nd place in the PEAK Performance Project radio contest in 2015, a loss in the family turned Maurice mostly inwards, where he focused on channeling his emotions into his art. Investing in his own studio allowed for late night collaborations, producing other artists, and creating endless song ideas. The result is the “Girls” EP, which sweeps from cinematic pop-noir info slinky neo-soul, all tied together with Maurice’s powerfully emotive vocals. It’s a modern sound that capture timeless sentiments – love, loss, and the twists and turns in between. This EP is the follow up to 2013’s “The Arborist”, which marked his official debut as a solo artist, after getting caught in major label red tape with his previous band that went simply by Maurice.

But these challenges haven’t stopped JP Maurice – if anything, they’ve made him stronger. After all, nothing stays the same but change.


Leisure Club is a home for the conjuring of pop songs focused on groove, catchy guitar melodies, and vocal hooks. Although the Vancouver five piece was forged in 2016 by their mutual interest in living the most relaxed life possible, their live performances inspire a rhythm in the crowd akin to spring break. “Leisure Club compact a whirlwind summer of love, lust and heartache into 3.5 minutes” (PR Press) and “you can’t help but want to mix a pina colada for your friends wearing a one-piece by a pool” (Betty & Kora). This has led to them sharing the stage with the likes of Blossoms, Lawrence, Cub Sport, Louise Burns, and a performance at Ponderosa Festival.

Saddling up with producer Shawn Cole (You Say Party, Yukon Blonde, Bend Sinister) the group headed to The Noise Floor on Gabriola to record their debut self titled LP with Jordan Koop manning the board. Released in the fall of 2017, Leisure Club looks forward to sharing it’s nostalgic charm and summer breeze across North America

Leisure Club is: Daniel Ruiz (drums), Jamie Smail (vocals), Rob Cameron (bass), Sean Bayntun (keys), and Graham Madden (guitar)


Small Town Artillery is over 10 years old as a band, and that's quite a feat, seeing as it's members are 21 and 23 years of age. Comprised of two brothers from the same mother who grew up in a (you guessed it) very small town in the BC interior called Meadow Creek, STA's music is born from experimentation almost free of influence, and has grown into mature, high energy rock and roll.

From the time they were just teenagers, Tom and Derek van Deursen have been throwing their own shows, writing and recording their own music and grasping what it takes to make a crowd move and a soul smile. They opened for Canadian heavyweights 54-40 before either of them had turned 19 and in 2010 they released their first full-length LP, "CRASHDROPS", the culmination of their youth together as a band and as brothers. The 11-song album rockets through skewed versions of hard rock, alternative rock, electronica, blues, and soul within a very diverse melodic landscape.

For the past four years, guitarist/songwriter/singer Tom can also be found playing, touring and sleeping in a giant school bus with his main project, Vancouver band The Boom Booms, while drummer Derek puts his rhythmic power behind local funk/soul unit Jackie Treehorn.

Their new music, yet to be recorded, draws from the bands they have been playing in outside of STA more, and brings funk, reggae and folk into the mix. A live show not to be missed.


As Year of the Wolf is a band consisting of five members, Carson Webber, James Jeffrey, Chelsea Burden, Kyle Vaughan, and Chad Gilmour who through fortuitous circumstances have been given the opportunity to not only create honest and passionate music but also develop strong friendships with each other. Their dynamic as collective musicians is undeniable, each drawing from their individual experiences and collaborating to create a unique sound.
Since forming in 2012 they have played on many stages throughout British Columbia including The World Ski & Snowboard festival, Tall Tree Music Festival and most recently Rock the Shores. Meeting in Vancouver in the summer of 2011, Kyle and Chad started Year of the Wolf as a two-piece guitar duo performing their first show in April 2012. The addition of drummer James came very shortly after and added a greatly anticipated rhythm foundation to the group. After playing as a trio for over a year the near completion of Year of the Wolf was realized with bassist Carson, who offers the band an unprecedented musical knowledge. Topped off with the musical prowess of Chelsea Burden.
Their musical identity is simple; four musicians who love music at any capacity and create songs that first and foremost they themselves personally enjoy. It is through this approach that they create music that is not confined by conventional ideas of genres. Honesty and integrity are crucial components of their music philosophy and the songs that they write and perform. As Year of the Wolf they are conscious not to isolate the audience but rather engage them through a performance that is inclusive as well as entertaining.