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The Long War

with Gert Taberner and Stephanie Ratcliff

$12 advance, $15 door

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The Long

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The Long War is a Vancouver based Indie Band where singer/song writer Jarrett Lee works together with vocalist/guitarist Chad Gilmour, vocalist/keyboardist Jessica Lee, vocalist/drummer Neil Williamson, and bassist Carson Webber to create a dynamic sound that ranges from Folk to Rock. Jarrett’s inspiration can largely be attributed to the landscapes and environments that have influenced him throughout his life. Building out from this foundation Chad, Jessica and Neil provide vocal support through their harmonies bringing Jarrett’s lyrical imagery to life, defining the music of The Long War.


Growing up in Frankfurt, Germany, Gert Taberner was exposed to English-speaking culture and eventually made the trek over to Vancouver, B.C. where he decided to further cultivate his musical abilities, particularly in the realm of songwriting. With his music, Gert strives to compensate for what he feels interpersonal relationships these days lack or misinterpret: the concept of intimacy.

After completing work on his first record, he set off seeking different challenges, which led him to New York to work on his craft further. Upon returning to Vancouver, Gert has been working on a new EP with producer, David Tallarico.

Heavily influenced by the likes of Damien Rice, Paul Simon, and many more, the songs on his debut EP Fallen seek to convey yearning and hope, contrasted by a strong sense of disillusionment. Recent success was found with Gert's EP single "In Need" which was picked up and placed in the second season of popular Netflix series, SENSE8.


Vancouver-based indie folk-pop artist Stephanie Ratcliff is refreshingly authentic, rustic, and relatable. Her vocals are one part Regina Spektor, one part Ingrid Michaelson, and her folk-roots instrumentals spill over into cinematic pop.

Stephanie's sound sparks a nostalgia for a simpler time and provokes listeners to reminisce, reflect, and dream. She crafts lyrical poetry that comes to life while baring human vulnerability, emotional transparency, and hope. This is art speaking to the darkness with beauty and light. She was recently on tour across Ontario this summer and charted on college-campus radio across the country.

Partnering with renown Vancouver music producer & sound engineer Daniel Klenner (Hey Ocean, Star Captains) of The Space Studios, Stephanie's newest EP "Things Above Ground" uniquely intermixes modern electric guitar with retro-inspired synthesizers. A brand new EP weaving dancey percussion, choir vocals, and piano-based instrumentals is set for release in February 2018, again produced by Daniel Klenner.