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BØRNS, a Michigan native who spent time in New York before landing in his new home
of Los Angeles, is a preternatural talent. He understands instinctively how to connect the
intricacies of a melody to the sensual receptors in the human ear, and how to conjure up
a song from its building blocks to reach the heavens. Working with producers Tommy
English and Kennedy, in 2014 BØRNS released the Candy EP, a shot of sunny, sweet,
sweeping adrenaline to the pop music landscape that put “10,000 Emerald Pools” and
“Electric Love” on playlists across the world. In early 2015 BØRNS reunited with English
and began work on an album, writing and recording in between the steadily growing live
shows, and with the stage in mind. Enamored of and inspired by his new home on the
west coast, BØRNS injected much of that sunshine vibe into the new music that would
become his debut album Dopamine.