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War Baby and Dead Soft

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While the heavy rock power trio is a staple of American underground music - Dinosaur Jr, Melvins, Big Black - Canadians aren't as convinced that less can actually be more. We're lucky to count NoMeansNo amongst our thin "3 guys in a band" ranks, but we're most famously led by Rush. Canada is a place where you can't count the members of one band on one hand. Is it any wonder that Metz is signed to Sub Pop instead of Arts & Crafts?

If trios are the hole in the Canadian music industry's veritable ripped jeans, Vancouver's War Baby are ready to rip it a new one. The analogy fits a little snugger when you consider that Jesus Horse, the group's debut LP, was funded by selling a pair of collectable vintage Levi's jeans.

Recorded with engineer / producer Jordan Koop (Peace, Nu Sensae, The Mohawk Lodge) in the 100 year old heritage building that houses Vancouver Island's The Noise Floor recording studio, Jesus Horse marks the first material from the band since their Permanent Frown EP, and further explores the band's primal plunge into the grungey annals of noise rock.

Between the feral cries and fuzzed-out feedback attack of Jon Redditt, Brock Allen's wriggling bass groove and the giddy drum pummeling of Kirby Fisher, comparisons to Nirvana are inevitable. Jesus Horse's first catchy aggro-pop single "Dentada," for instance, navigates a Bleach-soaked loud-quiet-loud arrangement that proves the young Vancouver act have definitely been paying attention in "School." But despite an obvious appreciation for arguably the most famous Pacific Northwest power trio, textures of Melvins' sludge metal sluggyness and the ominous influence of Black Sabbath dial themselves into the band's distorted patchwork.


Heavy pop band from Vancouver, B.C.