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Shirley Gnome

with Katie-Ellen Humphries, Sara Bynoe, Vixen Von Flex and Bloody Betty

$10 advance

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Valentine's Day - it has become a minefield of obligations, expectations, and disappointments. We've been mislead about how relationships, sex, and romance are supposed to be. Love, however, can be totally kickass (like pizza), and there's so many different kinds of it (like pizza). Arguably, it's what the world needs now (that, and probably more pizza).

That's why we've brought together a lineup of some of Vancouver's finest local talents to offer you a night of nĂ¼Romance. They'll be tearing down cultural myths about what it means to mash all the feely feels, and celebrating unconventional lovin' in all of its hilarious, gross, intimate and honest glory.

Sorry, no pizza. Lots of booze though.