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Actors and Spectres

with Brutes, The Gathering and DJ R-Lex & DJ Contrasoma (I Die: You Die)

$15 advance

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Jacknife Sound and I Die: You Die present the ACTORS 'It Will Come To You' (Artoffact Records) album release show at the Rickshaw Theatre with special guests Spectres, Brutes, the return of The Gathering, and DJs R-Lex and Contrasoma. ACTORS also screen their new video "Face Meets Glass" directed by Kira Clavell.


ACTORS are a smooth night drive on a downtown viaduct; anesthetizing and brimming with kinetic energy. With warm keyboard pads and high frequency bass lines listeners fall in love immediately with a sound that’s both aggressive AND creamy. The new wave four piece achieves their end goal by paying tribute to the production and arrangement of Hughes-ian era heart melters and the kind of hymns found in those once-in-a-lifetime dreams. They’ve created a soundtrack that could have only come from a city that’s constructed of hopeless glass towers and features an exquisite grey void that canopies overhead every day of the year. Actors make terrible musicians, but musicians often make fantastic ACTORS.


Post-punk band from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada that was formed in 2004 by Brian Gustavson and Steve Hanker, recording two demos. With label interest in their demos Spectres added Heather Szilagyi, Nathan Szilagyi and Zach Batalden to the lineup. After the "Cold War" single Heather left the band and was replaced by Steve Gerenscer. After touring for the "Visions of a New World" single Steve Hanker left the band and was replaced by Tyler Pilling. This line up went on to record an unreleased single titled "Decline and Fall" in 2009, the "Last Day"s LP and a split single with Arctic Flowers in 2010 and their second LP "Nothing to Nowhere" in 2012. Gerenscer left the band in 2013 and was replaced by Mitch Allen. Gustavson, Batalden, Pilling, Szilagyi and Allen recorded the band's Third LP "Utopia" in 2015 at Little Red Sounds in Vancouver BC with producer Felix Fung.

Brian Gustavson - vocals
Mitch Allen - drums
Nathan Szilagyi - bass
Zach Batalden - guitar
Tyler Pilling - guitar

Former members:
Steve Hanker - guitar and drums
Heather Szilagyi - drums
Steve Gerenscer- drums


Dedicated to exploring analog synthesis and the darker realms of electronic music, they blend 80's synth pop, industrial, and dark wave with hints of European electro. Members Jonathan Cozier (synthesis, production, composition), Christian Pelech (synthesis, composition), and Lindsay Dakin (vocals, composition) hail from a diverse range of musical backgrounds ranging from jazz and classical to contemporary dance music. Cozier's ten year career began with an array of metal and hardcore bands, later moving to DJing drum & bass and early dubstep. Since 2010 his work with live projects (Meek Odyssey / Ornament Sound) has showcased his talent for studio production and live performance, playing at festivals such as Basscoast, The Field, and New Forms. Brutes is Pelech and Dakin's first foray into electronic music, both coming from predominantly instrumental histories.


Moody, mysterious shimmers in the night. From Vancouver, BC.


DJs R-Lex and Contrasoma (Alex and Bruce) write the online music review blog I Die: You Die, covering industrial, EBM, goth, dark electro, and related genres. They have DJed local alternative events (Sanctuary, bod, Blender, MadHaus, Sin City, Vancouver Fetish Weekend and more), and have had sets at festivals such as Das Bunker, Terminus, and Kinetik.