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Life's Strange Dream

with Das Mortal, FM Attack and Galactic Hobos

$15 advance

From the Promoter


LSD is an electronic band that fuses synths, live bass, drums, saxophone and a rapper-singer combo to create a new wave future sound in Bass music.


Das Mörtal, alias Cristóbal Cortes, 30 years old, Montréal is an electronic music producer & dj, begins his adventure in Berlin, a few years ago. Inspired by artists such as Steve Moore and Aphex Twin, the producer develops a sound that is both brooding and nostalgic, mixing expertly influences ranging from German techno to vintage horror and sci-fi soundtracks.


FM Attack is known for being one of the pioneers who helped to create the synthwave movement.

Ryan Gosling said it during an interviewing while promoting Drive. It was 2011, and two years since FM attack released his 1980s-Synth infused debut album, Dreamatic in 2009.
”I was listening to Glass Candy and Nic was listening to Kavinsky and Matt was listening to, like, FM Attack,” Gosling says. ”All this sort of dark disco, this hyper-romantic electronic music with this menacing undertone, so we were just aligned on a lot of levels. And we all sort of wished, when we saw Pretty in Pink, that it could be violent, you know. If it could be violent as well, then it would be everything.”

Since his last album “Déjà Vu,” released in 2013, he’s been touring, landing a remix in the television show “Red Oaks” and even having a baby daughter named Stella – a new source of inspiration to whom his new album “Stellar” is dedicated and named after.

While his previous albums drew heavily from disco and had a more upbeat and dance feel, “Stellar” is steeped in postpunk and new wave vibes. This updated sound is unique and fantastic, creating a more wistful and nostalgic feel to the signature FM Attack sound.

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