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with Borg Queen and Garrett

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HEAD was borne of the rather twisted psyches of misfits and outcasts. Their collective histories hint at the slightly skewed nature of the music. Take a glimpse inside HEAD... HEAD is dark, but highly-charged. HEAD is controversial and edgy. HEAD is a Vancouver band and it is what might happen if you mixed a little Tea Party with Garbage and Nine Inch Nails. Coquettish vocals; electro-slash guitars; mood altering keyboards; intoxicating rhythms laced with dark, erotic lyrics. HEAD is rock. A little industrial, sexually moody, heavy, but melodic. And HEAD is coming for you...


Borg Queen is an electro goth rock project from Vancouver, BC led by multidisciplinary artist Jenny Kirby.

Borg Queen released it’s first LP Sex, Drugs & Shiny Brass Poles January 29th, 2017. The album is a follow up to the release of the 2014 single Lapdance Romance. The album received a very favorable review in Jamsphere Indie Music Magazine stating, “From the second “This is Real” kicks off the album, you realize it doesn’t even matter if you’re not into industrial, alternative or electronic music because “Sex, Drugs & Shiny Brass Poles” really can’t be classified or labeled, in such a limiting way. It’s just amazingly composed, brooding, haunting music which takes you into another level of consciousness.”

Originally, the project began as a series of surrealistic paintings that were a form of art therapy, but has now evolved into a full blown multidisciplinary art project.

Vancouver DJ Jeremy Baker of CFOX 99.3FM describes Jenny as, “a one woman content producing machine! ‘She plays and records all the instruments and does the engineering and production. Each song has a corresponding painting done in large format acrylic on canvas. Borg Queen has evolved into an assimilation of all the different artistic mediums Jenny has trained and worked with professionally including, painting, animation, acting, set design, dance, musical theatre, production design and of course music.’

The perfect showcase of Borg Queen’s unique integration of mediums are the music videos, where Jenny takes a very hands on approach as an art director who also designs and makes the sets, costumes and props herself.


Vancouver band Garrett have been getting a lot of buzz for their unique brand of progressive rock, and for good reason! Sean's skillful songwriting will engage any music enthusiast, and their live performances always rock the house. The time they've taken to hone their craft has certainly been well-spent; come see them live and they'll prove it! The band is composed of the following industry veterans:

Sean Garrett - vocals/songwriter
Frank Baker - drums
Brian Jones - guitar
Garry Koenig - bass