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with Calm Like a Bomb and Nevermind

$15 advance

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There are tribute bands, and then there’s BCDC. While a web search will turn up dozens of AC/DC cover acts around the world, there aren’t likely many who’ve so successfully branded the Aussie band’s timeless raunch with such epic rock n’ roll fury, while also managing to bottle the essence of a wild frontier lifestyle.

BC/DC’s live show is heavily rooted in the Bon Scott-era catalog and has become a legendary, and necessary, “rite-of-passage” amongst their unwavering supporters and believers. Some 900 unexpected gigs later, the band has systematically redefined the concept of a tribute band, garnering iconic status amongst diehard fans, agents, and venues, all over Canada, USA, Mexico, Thailand, and China.


Vancouver-based tribute band dedicated to accurately emulating the music of 'Rage Against The Machine'.


NEVERMIND is a Vancouver band paying tribute to the Godfathers of grunge. With searing intensity and a ferocious, full-blooded energy, Nevermind burns through fiery takes of crowd pleasing Nirvana anthems and fan favourites alike.