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Next Music from Tokyo: Vol 12 and The Taupe

with Yubisaki Nohaku, Koutei Camera Girl Drei, Lucie,Too, Bakyun the everyday and Koutei Camera Gal

$14 advance

From the Promoter

Next Music from Tokyo prides itself in showcasing a fresh and eclectic line-up of Japanese artists and bands that put on a great show without resorting to gimmicks. The concerts are curated for an audience that is open-minded and loves high quality music of all types. NMFT is the only tour in Canada featuring multiple Japanese artists/bands and will continue its tradition of creating one of the most interesting and intense live music experiences of the year.
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take a quirky, soulful and experimental approach to psychedelic post-punk, and they love to make use of contrasts. Their music switches unpredictably from calm, beautiful soundscapes to ear-shattering chaos in a heartbeat. On stage, The Taupe are menacing—exuding an aloof, cooler-than-thou aura—but such presence melts away as they perform with passion and show their love for crowd interaction.


Four ladies that throw down a technical but fun combination of prog, noise, pop, and post-rock. Last year, guitarist Junko may have broken all sorts of records in Canada for stage diving, crowd surfing and coaxing free beers from the audience. Very few female bands rock as hard, and on stage, these girls are beautiful, soulful, and fierce.


three-piece female idol group who made their live debut in Canada this past October before performing a single show in Japan. Their sound involves rapped lyrics over EDM instrumentals, but it’s the soulfulness, creativity, and supreme attention to detail in production—coupled with the heartfelt, raw-as-punk ebullience of the girls’ on-stage performance—that makes KCG Drei one of the most captivating acts in Tokyo’s underground music scene.


consists of three female university students from the small town of Utsunomiya. They play straightforward but incredibly well-crafted indie pop that has taken the Japanese music scene by storm. Backed by a very small independent record label, their first music video has garnered over 400,000 views in just two months. Similar to Kinoko Teikoku, Regal Lily, and Akai Koen, all of whom toured with NMFT before their big breaks, Lucie,Too is unequivocally destined for greatness.


four-piece band that plays ultra-melodic pop-punk with dual male-female vocals and an absurd amount of ferocity and raw power. The most popular style of indie music in Japan right now is ‘city pop’—a laid-back, textured and dreamy style of pop with urban lyrical themes. Bakyun the everyday pay a backhanded homage to city pop with an equally melodic yet much more aggressive, powerful sound they coin ‘city punk.’ Fun, emotionally charged music played extremely loud with passion and breakneck speed.