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Modified Ghost Festival III (Night 2): Bongripper and Bongripper

with Yob

$40 advance, $145 door

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Four-piece instrumental doom band from Chicago. Since 2006 they have released six full-length albums.


YOB's music is not unlike the path that's led them to their current place among heavy metal's elite, slowly building from a hushed ethereal vapor into the thunderous and masterful tumult of sound domination. The ethereal mists of Eugene, Oregon no doubt provided the perfect catalyst for founding member and vocalist Mike Scheidt to call up the signature of surging doom that would soon come to garner YOB its current position as one of the most respected and revered bands in all of heavy metal. While giving due sonic credit to cornerstone influences such as Cathedral, Sleep, Electric Wizard, and Black Sabbath – YOB immediately set out to define a sound wholly singular and utterly devastating in its cathartic enormity, incomparable to any other music being created at the time.

Tonight will be a special night where they turn back the clock and play 2005's "The Unreal Never Lived" in its entirety.

"Mike Scheidt's guitar work on the disc takes on a thicker and more menacing sound, throwing in minor switches and still squeezing out every drop of blood from a saturated cloth with each note played. One of many examples of the man's ability to get the most out of a single instrument, his shivering guitar solo (of sorts) on 'Grasping Air' produces those little things call goose bumps. Scheidt again uses several different vocal styles, from vintage mournful doom to moments that approach a death-growl. His witchy semi-falsetto voice is used more sparingly this time around, standing out most noticeably on 'Kosmos'." - Blabbermouth

"YOB have mastered the ability to ebb and flow throughout an album; to build up a song until it can't be built any higher; to craft something so powerful that it immediately transcends the records of their peers. The Unreal Never Lived is a true gem for doom/sludge/stoner rock fans, and should place them in the absolute elite of the style." - Lambgoat