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Hooded Fang

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Since their first incarnation in 2008, Hooded Fang have continued a path of shedding their former selves in pursuit of new and exciting explorations in sound. With their most recent release, Dynasty House(2017) the band continues to demonstrate dark driving rhythms, ethereal synths and poetic storytelling. The band continues to demonstrate a strong sense of song writing, sonic breadth, and experimentation. Dynasty House shares six heroic stories of struggle and resilience in honour of family members of lyricists April Aliermo and Daniel Lee.

Hooded Fang’s driving work ethic has manifested the self-owned/run record label Daps Records, which releases all the band’s output. The band has also released three albums on UK based label Full Time Hobby. Having built an international fan base, Hooded Fang has toured numerous times throughout Canada, the U.S., Western Europe, and the UK. Their live show has reached new levels of proficient intensity and their years of experience performing together are evident. Their songs have been synced numerous times in film, television and commercial advertisements.

While drummer D.Alex Meeks pursues watch making, Jonathan Pappo joins the driving rhythm section.

“industrialized dissonance, sci-fi surf-punk, and tweaked-out guitar frequencies that ring out like a biohazard lab activating the meltdown siren…Hooded Fang are the stars of their own horror flick, playing the last surviving rational humans in a city overrun with mind-numbed, inconsiderate, glass-eyed drones. And like all good scary movies, there’s a plot twist: this one’s actually a documentary.”
- Pitchfork

"...Biting and hypnotic...”
- Fader

"Hooded Fang must be mighty close to crafting the jauntiest breakup album of all time.”