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Fierce Queen with AJA Vancouver Pride 8.04

$32 advance, $62 door

From the Promoter


Nark Magazine Presents FIERCE QUEEN for Vancouver Pride, a drag competition and live-reading with special guest judge and performer..

AJA ! (RuPaul’s Drag Race / All Stars 3)
VIP Meet and Greet Tickets Available (M&G 8-10pm)

It's drag but it's not a show. It's a competition but it ain't no pageant. Fierce Queen is a live reading of Vancouver’s hottest or newest queens (OR KINGS, OR BIO OR NONBINARY) and experienced talent alike, and I do mean LIVE. READING.. can you survive the judgement?? A cash prize will be given to the new Fierce Queen!

Post here on the Facebook Event Page a photo of your look and tell us you want to compete! We'll select the contestants and notify you, tell yo' friends.

Why is FIERCE QUEEN happening?
Good question, thank you for asking. There are several reasons Fierce Queen is happening. First off, Nark Magazine events have been graced by many fantastic queens and kings, and some of which were on their path to mega stardom, and that needs to continue on. However, even more importantly than that, it's about keeping drag FUN, not just for the queens but for the audience too, it's an interactive session, and the judges will certainly be letting you know how they feel, don't give us attitude without some fierce to back it up. We know talent hides under more than just one pair of fake lashes out there and we can't wait to see it! This isn’t a show where you just watch a carousel of queens perform, they’ll be puttin’ in the work or getting the chop!

How do I become the FIERCEst QUEEN?
It's gonna take more than a twirl and a pair of jazz hands to win this prize henny, you have to impress a couple of queens that have been around the block, and they will probably be drinking. You're reading will NOT wait til after the show, so better pay attention. The judges will be reading you for your track choice, creativity, look, moves and your lip syncing or singing DURING your performance, not after, there will also be a question and answer period and a final battle between the top two queens.

Other queens will go home with a t-shirt or a hand-job or something.

Who are the FIERCE QUEEN judges?
AJA (Drag Race/All Stars)
ARSON NICKI (Seattle, Rapture)
SOUTH EAST (Vancouver Fierce Queen)

With special host - GLUTTONY

What do I do before and after the FIERCE QUEEN competition?
You can get a meet and greet ticket to pop a pic and a squeeze with BenDelaCreme and you can dance around to some fine DJ tunes of course.

-Post on the page now to sign up!

Things to know-
-You have the whole Rickshaw stage to work with
-Your track must be brought on a CD, a USB or sent in prior, don't bring us your phone!!!, if your song goes on too long and bores the judges, they might shut you down, please limit to 5 minutes max.
-Performances start at 10:00pm, if you're late too bad.
-Show us your promo skillz, invite people to cheer you on, have more fans in the audience to help you win.
-SIGNUP by posting on this page!
-You do not have to be what is typically considered a "DRAG QUEEN" nor of any specific gender to be a contestant, show us what you got.

Photography by Nark Magazine.