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Alpha Omega

with Assimilation, Dead Alive and The Vth Circle

$15 advance, $20 door

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From the Promoter


Jesse Jardine, the founding member, started the band in 2011 as the grind variant, Ceaseless Discharge. It was a more death grind focused version of what would later come to be Assimilation years later. With Kyden McCormick on Drums, Ben Molavi on guitar, Lane Sabine on bass and Barry Butler on vocals. Shortly after their first show their vocalist left town. Then there was complications with their bass player. Next Ben moved to Los Angeles. This left Jesse and Kyden the last two remaining members. Jesse decided to re-name the band, take over vocal duties, and do what he originally wanted to do, old school death metal meets old school thrash.

After about a year of jamming and writing new material Rene Wilkinson, from local thrash kings Terrifier, was recruited on lead guitar. Shortly after Zakk Garrett was recruited on bass. A few shows were played with this lineup before Kyden moved on to focus on his main band, Ogroem. Stephen Shaw, from local death metal masters, Sinned, was recruited on drums.

With this new lineup the band went in to record their debut EP, Apotheosis, and released it in September 2015. After the release of Apotheosis Rene moved on to focus more on Terrifier, and Zakk moved on to focus on various other bands. Jesse met Shiloh Anderson working as a landscaper with Rene, and quickly recruited him on bass guitar. Next Matt Chanway responded to a guitarist wanted add on Craigslist. He came and checked out a show and we hit it off. With this new lineup the band quickly got to work on their debut full length, The Laws Of Power.