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Cobra Ramone and The Getmines

with Kownterpoint and The Carbons

$12 advance

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"All the emotions and various images that cross your mind as that black ’67 Camaro approaches in the night. Its gnarling engine and the smell of blood thirsty high octane fuel coming from someplace up there. Do you panic or embrace with eager abandon of what is and what is to come."

Based in Vancouver, BC is the living, breathing, gritty Rock N’ Roll version of this very same scenario and her name is Cobra Ramone and she is jacked up on a blend of grit, Jack Daniels, gun powder, love/hate and Lemmy Kilmister. Driving her old soul bluesy Rock to all points Hell Yeah.

Cobra is backed by Trevor Snakedust (Hammond B3) and Pat Steward (Drums), two musicians who use deliberate tenacity and skill as Johnny did in his epic battle against the Devil to save his soul. Replacing the fiddle with organs, guitars and skins to defeat their adversaries; not sending them packing but keeping them close for perhaps, inspiration. Only this handsome trio knows the truth.

An EP The Flood (2009), A self-titled album (2012) and a new collection on the way February 13th, 2015), I can safely say that it is and will be alright on the sexier, greasier, hard rhythm side of Rock N’ Roll town.”- Walter Price- Global Texan Chronicles

The first single, “Wrath Like a City” from their last album, made it into the top 40 for 5 weeks in the CanadianActive Rock Charts and their song “I’m The One” was featured in the CW TV show “L.A. Complex”. Their song “Guns Blazing” (which was written and recorded in 4 hours, with the help of much whiskey) was featured in the 2014 Corey Monteith film “All the Wrong Reasons”.


Kownterpoint aims to please just about anyone, by blending multiple genres including Reggae, Psychedelic Classic Rock, Blues, Funk, Jazz, Punk, Ska, among other varieties. Being a power trio with two of its members being brothers, they can practically feel the next note, before its even coming! All members, are self taught musicians, they have even been know to switch instruments onstage and still keep the groove flowing strong.

Kownterpoint tries to keep their live sets spontaneous, in order to give room for improv, which can usually connect a crowd stronger to the artist. Their lyrics and music bring the high times people are seeking at live shows. And above all, the positive energy speaks for itself.