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VNV Nation

with De/Vision and Holygram

$27.50 advance, $32.50 door

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VNV Nation are a British/Irish electronic music band originally from Wexford, Republic of Ireland and London, United Kingdom now based in Hamburg, Germany. They combine elements of industrial music, trance, synthpop and electronic body music (EBM). Earlier works also include some electro-industrial influences.
the name
One of the most frequently asked questions is what the letters VNV stand for. They stand for "Victory not Vengeance". The meaning behind this stylised motto is that one should strive to achieve, not sit in bitter regret.

VNV Nation are Ronan Harris (electronics, lyrics, vocals) and Mark Jackson (drums).

word and sound
VNV NationĀ“s inspiration was originally the clash of modern and classical Europe cultures, where mythology and technology live in an uneasy fusion but this has since broadened to encompass a world view. The music ranges from electronic dance music to ballads and classical inspired music. Inspirations are taken from a wide range of styles including contemporary underground club culture, industrial and classical music. The lyrics draw on philosophy, literature, art, politics and different forms of symbolism. VNV Nation does not advocate any ideology. It is a metaphor for expression


German synth-pop band, was founded originally as quartett July 1988 in Bensheim.
Stefan Blender left the band in 1991, Markus Ganssert left the band in 2000.
The name is a game on words. The sign is an abstrakt mixture of D and V.


The Cologne-based band HOLYGRAM dares the balancing act between wavy postpunk and industrial krautrock: driving and gloomy but still full of catchy moments. Music for the lost.