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Delhi 2 Dublin

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Delhi 2

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In recent years, ​Delhi 2 Dublin​’s has been honing their songwriting skills, which is most evident on their upcoming album, ​We Got This​, which will be released through Warner Canada in Fall2018. The album was produced by Toronto hitmaker Gavin Brown ​(Barenaked Ladies, Metric, Tragically Hip)​, who helped them harness their socially conscious sensibilities and awareness of their place in the world into making their most personal and meaningful collection of songs to date.

With tracks like “My People,” “Home (Everywhere I Go)” and the title track, “We Got This,” Delhi 2 Dublin​ is speaking directly to their experiences as “brown people” in society and howthat translates to people of all of colors and backgrounds. For their first time as a band, the members of ​Delhi 2 Dublin​ feel as though they’ve been able to pull together everything they’ve been through and put it into a collection of songs that that will reach everyone, while also leaving people thinking as they’re dancing and singing along.