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Jony J

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From the Promoter

Established Shooc Studio with Homie in 2016 and became one of the artists under their management. Through <Start it underground> in 2011, a documentary about young hip hop artists in Nanjing, more people got to know about Jony J and his love for hip hop music. He also came up with his official motto “Sturdy foundation, unlimited development”.

2013 - Jony J published his first mixtape <J Hood>.The track <My City> was dedicated to his hometown Nanjing. The emotional track quickly grabbed the attention of fans and media. In the same year Jony J started his live tour of 20+ cities in China

2016 - Through the release of his EP <WUNVJIN>, Jony J again had a tour of 15+ cities in China. By using production and tour highlights, he created the documentary <Separate the clouds and reach for the sun>.

2017 - The <Jony J Okay> tour reached 6 cities in China. On November 11th of the same year, Jony J held an individual concert at the Nanjing Olympic Arena. It was the first concert in the arena by a Chinese rapper.

In recent years, other than solo tours around China, Jony J has been invited to large scale music festivals, music ceremonies, and brand guest performances. Jony J became one of the most popular Hip-hop musicians in China because of his innovative music and passionate charisma on stage.