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Hollerado return with another brilliantly conveyed lyric video for new song “Straight To Hell” and one of the 10 new tracks revealed today, off their forthcoming and last official album as a band, Retaliation Vacation coming out on June 7, 2019 (Royal Mountain Records).

Painstakingly created details leap from the lyric video’s pages – as is happens to be an elaborately hand crafted pop-up book. Says director Marty MacPherson; “After listening to the lyrics to “Straight To Hell” I began to think about growing up with religion and how when you’re a kid, you can be taught these lessons and beliefs that don’t always hold up as an adult. Keeping with that train of thought I ended up on the idea of the pop-up book – which is generally a form of book you don’t come across much outside of childhood and I felt it was a good fit. I’d never made a pop up book before this (turns out it’s super complicated) so I was very lucky to have the assistance of my very talented colleague, Josh Gorle, as well as some very informative books from the Toronto Public Library throughout the process.”