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A potent singer-songwriter from Iceland, Ásgeir makes music that penetrates a little deeper than most. He became something of an overnight sensation in his country’s music scene when his debut album soared to success, before English language edition In The Silence connected with an entirely new audience. An artist of rare scope, sincerity, and emotion, his next step might well be his bravest, and his most enduring.

Bury The Moon – or Sátt, to give the record its Icelandic title – begins with heartbreak and escape. Ásgeir watched a long-term relationship disintegrate, and decided that he needed to get away, to lose himself in the endless Icelandic countryside. Booking space at a summerhouse – a tiny rural home used by those on the island – he spent the winter writing, just him, his guitar, and those endless reflections on love and loss.

“I took my guitar, a small keyboard, and a very simple recording set up,” he recalls. “And that was it.”

Unfurling his new ideas in the studio, he started to gather like-minds, fellow travelers, and guest lyricists to work on his music. Indeed, that’s the way he’s always worked – Ásgeir sculpts the melodies, the arrangements, while the words form this counter-balance, penned by other figures.

Take the first song he completed for the album. ‘Living Water’ is this gorgeous paean to Iceland’s astonishing natural resources, and the urgent need to protect them. It actually began life as a poem – penned by Ásgeir’s father, Einar Georg Einarsson.


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