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Vasyl Popadiuk & The Papa Duke Band

$40.95—$40.95 advance

From the Promoter

Children of Ukraine...a benefit concert tour/fundraiser to raise funds for humanitarian purposes. The funds will be used as follows: 50% will go to a Childrens Hospital in Luhansk, Ukraine and 50% will go to an Orphanage in Sumy, Ukraine. Funds will be dispersed from there as needed. We have letters of support from these organizations. Please note that as of January 1, 2012, Vancouver Civic Theatres require that all audience members, including children, must have a ticket. There are no exemptions to this policy regardless of the child's age. If you bring young children to a performance, please be respectful of other patrons by encouraging them to observe proper theatre etiquette such as sitting still and not talking during the performance. If children become restless during the performance, you may be asked to take them into the lobby.