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Globetrotting pop duo THE TING TINGS have just announced 2015 North American tour dates, kicking off January 19 in Toronto. The U.K. natives are touring in support of their new album SUPER CRITICAL, available now in the U.S. digitally, with a physical release on January 13, 2015 via Finca/[PIAS].

The tour will include stops in New York City on January 20 at Bowery Ballroom and an intimate show on January 21 at Brooklyn’s Rough Trade NYC. Next, they’ll shoot over to the West Coast for shows in San Francisco, Sacramento and wrap in Los Angeles on January 26 at the legendary Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA. Tickets for all shows are on sale this Friday, November 21 and more info will be available at

THE TING TINGS--known for their massive hits “That’s Not My Name” and “Shut Up and Let Me Go,” among others--approached this new album differently. Feeling uninspired, the two--Katie White and Jules De Martino--sought out an adventure in late 2012 which took them to Ibiza. As it turned out, unleashing their party spirit was exactly the impetus and momentum needed to craft something special and true to the starting spirit of their musical adventures. The result is SUPER CRITICAL, a hook-stuffed, introspective, modern disco record.

While in Ibiza, someone introduced Katie and Jules to Duran Duran’s stalwart guitarist Andy Taylor who offered to help sift through some old demos and became co-producer of this project. Songs began emerging. “It felt like making a record while partying in your bedroom, which is pretty much exactly how we made the first album,” Jules explains. “In 9 months we became like family. It was a massive education for us. His old analogue approach, the studio set-ups he used in the 80s with Duran were perfect for the sound we were looking for. That approach isn’t around anymore. Studio people don’t know how to achieve it.”

Fans were first given a glimpse into the group’s new direction with the release of the album’s first single “Wrong Club.” Check out the song’s music video here. “Wrong Club” addresses their frustrations with current club music. Katie explains, “It’s about what happened to nightclubs that made them not sexy, how the tempo became so fast that nobody moves any more, they just jerk, its gesture not rhythm. We wanted to make a song that felt exactly like the opposite of that. It’s very Ting Tings to do a sad song with uplifting music. That’s just who we are.”

Last month (10/13), the music video for their latest single “Do It Again” became the first-ever to premiere via WeTransfer. Watch it now here. This track was inspired by the group’s experience with recording and releasing their last album, 2012’s Sounds from Nowheresville. “It’s about the need to do something wrong again,” says Jules. Katie adds, “Not being lazy, needing to lighten up, stop the paralysis of criticism, just doing anything that makes you feel good.”

SUPER CRITICAL is about going away to come back home. “Where we are right now feels exactly where we should be,” says Katie. “I feel like dressing up and going out again,” says Jules. “And that feels perfect.”