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Renée Landry

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Renée Landry and her band of Ottawa's best are back at it again with Songs In A Minor - A Tribute To Alicia Keys.
A rare tribute performance of Alicia Keys' ground breaking debut album "Songs In A Minor" (2001), including hit singles from "Diary Of Alicia Keys" (2003), "As I Am" (2007), and "The Element of Freedom" (2009).

Featuring an incredible mash up of some of Ottawa's most talented musicians!

Renée Landry - Lead Vocals
DeeDee Butters - Back Up Vocals
Iyono Ede - Back Up Vocals
Clayton Connell - Keys
Terence Wright - Guitar
Paul Charles - Bass
Darius Martin - Drums
Raphael Weinroth-Browne - Cello