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Shred Kelly

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The story of Shred Kelly begins as honestly as their music. Friends who met through a local jam-night, and began
forming a bond over their love of music and the Great Canadian landscape.

Since their inception, the Fernie, BC based "stoke-folk" band, have garnered themselves sold out shows across
Canada, performances at some of the premier festivals, and a growing list of awards and recognition from across the
nation. This journey has already been quite a feat for an independent band nestled deep in the Kootenays, but for the
indie-rockers and banjo-lovers that follow the tracks of Shred Kelly - they know this is just the beginning.

Shred Kelly are preparing their 3rd album, which will be recorded in June 2014 - and there's no doubt that the new
material will again demonstrate their signature clawhammer banjo riffs, layered ambient synth, powerhouse rock, and
sweet vocal harmonies. While many artists may struggle to capture the energy of a live show in the recording studio,
for Shred Kelly - that energy doesn't only exist on stage. It's a part of their craft, and while they may resemble laidback
BC ski bums - their music is as high-voltage as it can get, and that translates perfectly onto an album, or a
packed dance floor.