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Erik Rabbit Stolhanske

with Tom Garland of The Tom Green Show at Bally's Las Vegas
All Ages

$3.50 advance, $8.50 door

From the Promoter

MC: TRAVIS STEELY up-and-comer from New York!

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Erik Stolhanske is an actor, writer and producer. He is a member of the comedy group Broken Lizard and is probably best known for his role as "Rabbit" in the hit comedy Super Troopers.

Erik was born August 23, 1968, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After graduating from Breck High School in 1987, he attended Colgate University. Some say that's where it all started. He and fellow college friends (including Jay, Kevin, Paul, and Steve) shared an interest in sketch comedy, and formed the comedy group "Charred Goosebeak". Then, in the '90s, after graduating, they moved their group down to NYC and changed their name to "Broken Lizard." Stolhanske has written, produced and starred in all of Broken Lizards' films - including Puddle Cruiser, Super Troopers, Club Dread, Beerfest, and soon-to-be-released The Slammin' Salmon.

Stolhanske also appears in The Onion Movie, The Sweetest Thing and Watching the Detectives, Paul Soter's directorial debut. On television, Erik appeared in the HBO critically acclaimed series Curb Your Enthusiasm and Six Feet Under.

He continues to work extensively with the Lizards as well as develop his own projects including the brand new Super Troopers 2!


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