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Rebel's Real Rock Search Finals

with Crossing Jane, Elegant Devils and Stynger
All Ages

$5 advance

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Rebel's Real Rock Search

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Floor level general admission standing. 
Children aged 3 and under may attend the event at no cost (with no ticket), provided they sit on a parents’ lap for the event.
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Originally a rock/metal band, similar to that of “Bring Me The Horizon” or “Three Days Grace”, Crossing Jane has recently taken a step in a different direction. Their new Acoustic- Indie vibe is unique, due to the darker undertones and subject matter in comparison to other bands in their genre. Utilizing both acoustic and electric guitars, with high energy Cajón percussion, they’ve given birth to a brand new sound.


A rock band from Ottawa, Ontario, The Elegant Devils don’t re-invent the wheel. They just slap some devil horns on it, crack open a beer, and revel in music that comes from the best and worst places of the human heart. Every member of the band comes at music from a different angle but leaves their own impressive mark on the sound they make.


Stynger in an Ottawa based band with high energy shows and hard-hitting sound, heavily influenced by 80’s metal they bring it all on stage and their music.