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Jom Comyn

with Fire Antlers and Siberian Breaks
All Ages

$10 door

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Jom Comyn (Edmonton)
"For years Jom Comyn has been the kind of artist that fellow Edmontonians talk about in reverence. His guitar-based compositions are enlightening, but on I Need Love he abandons that format temporarily for long-form experimentation. There’s some drone-like songs, little interludes, guitar-based lullabies, and even a full-on Motown song. It’s bold and nothing one would ever expect from Jom Comyn, which is why it’s nothing short of incredible." -Grayowl Point

Siberian Breaks (Ottawa)
an arctic expedition soundtrack; the baffin island house band; cold, dark and lost.

Fire Antlers (Ottawa)
Fire Antlers is the jittery, pulsating beat of a half-functioning robot sent to Canada’s Capital to warn us about events that will probably never happen, backed by the sparkling chug of a muted surf guitar and the existential crooning of a thirty year old office worker... Travis Kinnear, supported by his archaic drum machine, crafts a unique blend of lo-fi pop and sci-folk that is danceable and layered with internal reflections: like some classic car cruising through the cosmos where the passing scenery causes you to ponder past relationships and inevitable futures.

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