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Blooming of Time

All Ages

$8.50 advance, $110.74 door

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Reserved seating.
Children aged 3 and under may attend the event at no cost (with no ticket), provided they sit on a parents’ lap for the event.
Student tickets available to patrons aged 18 and under and Students from any High School, College, or University with valid student ID at the door.
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The passing of the four seasons is just like a breath of the deity, of the heavens and the earth. Nature or deity breathes life into everything on this planet. The spirit of life is demonstrated in the loop of sprouting, growing, blooming, harvesting, and dying, which all happen in the breath of the deity/nature. It is in these loops that the universe completes the cycles of life. The flowers are just like the eyes of the universe, witnessing the life journey of human, deity, animals and themselves as they travel through the four seasons. The rotation of the 24 solar terms in the four seasons is just like the blooming of time. -- Gao Yanjinzi (Choreographer)

The 24 solar terms is a calendar of twenty-four periods that reflects the change of seasons and embodies the phenomena of climate. It was used to govern agricultural arrangements in ancient China and functions even now as some of the terms have become a special occasion because of their cultural significance. People still plan their activities or change their diet around it. The 24 solar terms calendar is a reflection of the Chinese philosophical and aesthetical thinking. Based on the 24 solar terms, the Blooming of Time vividly portraits the stories of the creatures in 12 chapters throughout the course of the four seasons. From the flowers’ point of view, the changing seasons (or 24 solar terms to be exact)are just like their legs that take them, scene by scene, to different views. Flowers never really leave the world as their journey does not end when they’re withered. The spirit of the flowers will be passed on to the generations of flowers to come, thus making their journey everlasting. The whole piece commences from the Spring Equinox, leading us trough Grain Rain, Grain Full, White Dew, Major Snow, and back to the Awaking of Insects, completing the circle of a year and starting a new one. Just as the sun always rises in the east and sets in the west, following the laws of nature, the old souls will bloom again in the form of a new life.

Blending with the choreographer’s carefree imagination and vivid storytelling, this dynamic full-length work promises a night of extravaganza of dance. Audience is invited to take a closer look at the joy and sorrow and feel the heartbeat and the pulse of the creatures as their lives and stories unraveled before us.

Choreographer/Director: Gao Yanjinzi
Producer: Jiang Bing
Executive Producer: Megan Wang Yuexin
Stage Advisor : Gao Guangjian
Stage Designed by Liu Kedong
Music Advisor:Cui Jian Music
Diretor/Editor: Da Liao, Guo Sida, Gao Chong
Lighting Designed by Huang Zhigao
Lighting Technician: Li Xin Video Designed by Hu Tianji,
He Long Costume Designed by Ah Kuan
Makeup Designed by Jia Lei
Assistant Choreographer: Gong Zhonghui
Guest artists: Gao Weilian, Luo Lili, Jia Lei
Performers: Beijing Modern Dance Company