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“WE is not about you and me or even ‘us,’ the band. It’s about finding our way in the world one day at a time trying to live out each moment until the sun goes down.” Parsonsfield has been through the wringer of ups and downs and
decided for the first time since the band’s 2011 conception to take a two-month
break from touring to focus solely on recording. The result is WE, a
contemplative EP filled with real life struggle and excitement. The album takes
us from the joys of childhood discovery to the depression and confusion of a
quarter-life crisis, and ends with dancing your way toward the darkness at the
end of days.
“Everyone finds themselves searching for this theoretical ‘thing’ that is
supposed to make them happy. Whether it’s a relationship or financial comfort,
there’s a goal in our minds that once achieved, we’ll be able to start enjoying
life,” says singer/songwriter and banjo player Chris Freeman. “Our
circumstances, whether we’re rich or poor, are only half of what determines
happiness. The rest is our thoughts, habits and connections with other people,”
adds songwriter and mandolin player Antonio Alcorn. “WE is an inner journey to
appreciate what you have, and to find happiness no matter what your lot in life.”
In a concise five songs, WE captures the band’s maturing sound, winding its
way through a full range of emotions. It has as much influence from 90’s rock
and 70’s R&B as it does the folk-pop material that fans have come to expect
from the western Massachusetts based outfit. The album opens with a forlorn
mandolin that grows into the groovy “Light of the City,” a song about profound
loneliness in the most crowded place on earth. “Go Find Yourself” captures the
fading of childhood excitement as you tumble down a prescribed path toward
the rest of your life, realizing it won’t bring you happiness. The song takes a
cosmic step back and pleads, “when love comes to find you, don’t run and
hide.” The danceable, invigorating “Kick Out The Windows,” written in reaction
to Dylan Thomas’ poem “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night,” is a resonant
anthem of defiance and redemption, showcasing Parsonsfield’s enduring vein of
Leading up to the recording of WE, Parsonsfield built a home studio where they
retreated to workshop song ideas and experiment with recording
techniques. “There were more demos and versions of these songs than any
other songs we have written. It was a much more thoughtful process with 90%
of our ideas not sticking. Since recording our last album, Blooming Through The
Black, we scored a film and wrote instrumental music for the first time, which
opened new horizons for this record.”
When it came time to go into the studio with producer Dan Cardinal (Josh Ritter,
The Low Anthem, Darlingside), Parsonsfield had more material than ever before.
“Dan challenged us even further to play with sampled drums and more effected
sounds giving the music more depth and mood. Although this was our first time
working in a traditional recording studio, we didn’t want to lose the space that
our demos had. So we made sure that songs like ‘Light of the City’ and ‘Take
Me Back’ maintained that minimalism that we fell in love with on our demo.”
WE is the highly anticipated fourth release from Parsonsfield, a quintet praised
for making "the most jubilant and danceable indie roots music this side of the
Carolinas” (NPR). The band continues to push the boundaries of their harmonydriven
grassroots origins creating their own distinctive Americana, integrating
pop and bold rock flourishes along the way.
Just remember, WE is not about you and me. Freeman continues, “It’s about
struggling with depression and anxiety from living in a divisive world, yet we
have so much to be grateful for. It's about being at the crossroads of
yesterday's dreams and tomorrow's plans.”

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