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August Burns Red

with Fit For A King, Miss May I and Crystal Lake

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August Burns
Fit For A

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The most rewarding challenges come from within.
By personally aiming beyond your perceived potential, you can truly grow. That’s been the case every time August Burns Red record an album, and it’s quietly turned the Pennsylvania quintet—John “JB” Brubaker [lead guitar], Brent Rambler [rhythm guitar], Matt Greiner [drums], Jake Luhrs [lead vocals], and Dustin Davidson [bass]—into a GRAMMY® Award-nominated heavy music torchbearer. Their journey began back in 2003 with marathon jam sessions on a farm belonging to Greiner’s family in the egg refrigerator. Embracing a diehard Rust Belt work ethic, they tirelessly pushed towards the top of heavy music with a series of critically acclaimed albums and countless gigs. A hard-earned high watermark, 2015’s Found In Far Away Places marked their second consecutive Top 10 debut on the Billboard Top 200. The single “Identity” notched a GRAMMY® Award nod in the category of “Best Metal Performance.” A streaming juggernaut, both “Identity” and “Ghosts” [feat. Jeremy McKinnon] crossed the 3-million mark on Spotify.
When it came time to record their eighth full-length Phantom Anthem [Fearless Records] with longtime producers Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland, the game didn’t change. The musicians put their heads down and rallied around the same shared goal.
“The goal has always been to just write the best songs that we can write and put out the best album possible,” exclaims JB. “You want to keep raising the bar on yourself. It’s the start of something new.”
It shows… Uncorking a barrage of infectious intensity, the boys augmented and amplified the touchstones of their signature style on Phantom Anthem. The musical equivalent of a clenched fist haymaker, the grooves hit harder, the hooks blaze brighter, and the instrumentation ignites even more intricacy.
“It’s the most technical thing we’ve ever done,” adds JB. “There’s some pretty ridiculous shred stuff going on, which is awesome. Things just came out more heavy and tight.”
After two months, they emerged with the 11 tracks comprising Phantom Anthem. A subtle string pluck announces the arrival of the first single “Invisible Enemy.” In a blink, polyrhythmic pummeling and entrancing fret fireworks spiral headfirst towards an onslaught of screams, chugging bridge, searing solo, and arena-size chant, “Pain is surrounding, surrounding us.”
The follow-up single “The Frost” whisks from icy clean strumming and tambourine into a blizzard of blistering screams and metallic majesty. Spearheaded by the thrash waltz of “King of Sorrow,” unpredictability drives the overall flow. “Coordinates” climaxes on a hauntingly gorgeous chorus as “Lifeline” and “Carbon Copy”—both penned by Davidson—up the visceral and vibrant virtuosity that August Burns Red remains synonymous with. The album title hints at the band’s pronounced evolution.
JB recalls, “Phantom Anthem is a song or a sound that creates deep roots in the heart of a person, resonating through every bone in that person’s body and naturally giving he or she purpose and value. It’s often something silent—a quiet song that isn’t noticed and is often overlooked.”
Brent goes on, “Many of the songs discuss being the one who grabs the reins, plants the seeds, makes them grow, and takes control. You may not see that thought or idea, but it brings value to the world.”
Ultimately, August Burns Red push themselves harder than ever on Phantom Anthem, destroy expectations, and reach a new level by simply being who they are.
“We never thought we’d get here,” echoes Brent. “We’re eight albums in. It seems like it’s bigger and better than ever. It’s everything to us. That won’t ever change.” — Rick Florino, July 2017


Fit For A King is a five-piece Metalcore outfit from Tyler, Texas. A driven attitude, creative minds and a "do it yourself" mentality has quickly set them apart among other bands on the independent circuit. Fit For A King is now touring full time in the U.S has been making a strong internet presence between the "MySpace era" and now. The band released their first full length record in September 2011 called "Descendants." Along with the album came the music video "Ancient Waters" which has broke out to 500,000 + view on YouTube.


Hailing from Dayton, Ohio, Miss May I claims a sound that is mature far beyond their years. With no members over the age of 19, they have been breaking out of the Dayton music scene with a sound that is unbelievably fast paced, heavy, and crushing, yet tastefully melodic and catchy. Currently writing for a full length debut with Rise Records, the band is gearing up for a 2009 release thats looking to propel them to the forefront of their genre.


Crystal Lake started out in the summer of 2002, heavily influenced by mid-90’s hardcore, they prepared to make their impact on the Tokyo hardcore scene. Late 2002 saw the search for a new singer, but by January 2003 they had settled with current line up and were one again ready to go. 2003 saw a busy year, with two tours, including South Korea, and three releases. The demo “Freewill” was released in February in time for the show in Korea which they were invited to by Gmc Records. A second demo “One Word Changes Everything” came out in July, and a self released 4 track EP, also entitled “Freewill” was released in September, 1000copies were made and sold. September 2003 also saw Crystal Lake play 5 shows with Day Of Contempt (AUS). In 2005 the band released a split CD with Risen (USA) & Unboy and also toured in Malaysia.

Crystal Lake performed at “Independence-D” (Most famous indie music festival in Japan) on February 2006. The 1st full length album “Dimension” was released on 5th July 2006! it is released by Imperium Recordings. Since the release of the album, they have done the “Dimension Tour”, which was recieved well by kids from all over Japan who love to go wild to Crystal Lake savage technical breed of hardcore. Crystal Lake performed at “Metal Presentation 2007” with I Killed The Prom Queen (AUS) and Chthonic (TAIWAN) on February , “Hatebreed Japan Tour 2007” on March and “Rockstar Taste Of Chaos 2007 in Japan” on November.

Crystal Lake / Cleave split CD was released on 24th May 2008. Crystal Lake performed at “Rockstar Taste Of Chaos 2008 in Japan” on November. January 2009 also saw Crystal Lake play 5 shows with Parkway Drive (AUS) and Shai Hulud (USA).

The brand new album “Into The Great Beyond” out November 3, 2010. On Jun 2011, originally vocalist Kentaro leaves the band.

On Mar, originally drummer Yusuke leaves the band. They announced new vocalist Ryo on July. “Today, we are pleased to announce the newest addition to the Crystal Lake Family, please give a warm welcome the new vocalist Ryo.”. Next day they announced support drummer Gaku. They released new single “The Fire Inside / Overcome” on Sep 5. Mixed and Mastered by Brian Hood at 456 Recordings. January 2013 also saw Crystal Lake toured with As Blood Runs Black (USA) and Confession (AUS). On May, 2013 they toured with The Ghost Inside. After that they shared the stage with Emmure and they toured across Japan on the Sumerian Tour 2013 with Born of Osiris, Upon A Burning Body and Her Name In Blood. 2013 was big year for them. They supported tours for coldrain, Crossfaith, and SiM etc.

CUBES - 2014
On Feb 9, 2014 they played on the Scream Out Fest 2014 with The Devil Wears Prada, Periphery, The Word Alive at Studio Coast Tokyo. On Mar, they toured on the Redline BEGINNING TOUR 2014 with My First Story and NOISEMAKER. 2014 On Apr 12, 2014 they played on the Monster Energy Outburn Tour 2014 with coldrain, Crossfaith, and Miss May I at Sapporo. On Aug 6, they released new EP called ”Cubes” through Cube Records. Cubes debuted at #5 on the Oricon (Japanese music chart) indie weekly album chart, #27 on the Orican daily album chart, #45 on the Orican weekly album chart. On Sep 1-9, they played on the Crossfaith - Across The Future Tour with Crossfaith, We Came As Romans, and While She Sleeps. On Oct 25, they started “Cubes Tour 2014”. On Nov 15, they appeared on the Knotfest Japan 2014 day 1. Nov 29, they played on the FACT - Rock-O-Rama. On Dec 7, they released 4way split album “Redline Riot!!” with NOISEMAKER, Survive Said The Prophet, and wrong city. On Dec 14, Cubes Tour 2014 Tour Final (Sold Out show). They played on the MADOllie 2014 winter.

THE SIGN - 2015
On Mar 2-23, they played on the Monster Energy Outburn Tour 2015 with FACT. On August, they appeared at Summer Sonic 2015. On Oct 7, they released new album called ”The Sign” through Cube Records. Also, they signed with overseas labels: Artery Recordings (USA), JPU Records (UK/EU), Halfcut Records/Shock Records (AUS), Dope Records (KOREA). The Sign debuted at #36 on the Oricon weekly album chart. On Nov, they played at the Ozzfest Japan 2015. They invited their Japan tour with In Hearts Wake (AUS) on Dec. After that, they performed at the COUNTDOWN JAPAN 15/16.

On Feb, they started new tour Championship Tour 2016. On May, they were enter the studio for next album. They performed many summer festivals this year: Viva La Rock 2016, Satanic Carnial '16, Rock In Japan 2016, Summer Sonic 2016, Dead Pop Festival 2016, and Knotfest Japan 2016. After that, they made new album "True North". through Cube Records. And they announced some information. "Our new album ‘True North’ is now available for preorder through Artery Recordings in North America! We would like to also introduce our new management team Joel Madden (Good Charlotte) and Bobby Littrell at MDDN in North America! #truenorth" They joined to MDDN family.

“We were really impressed when we heard True North, and everyone at MDDN is excited and proud to be a part of the Crystal Lake and their story.”
— Joel Madden (MDDN / Manager / Good Charlotte)

“I flew 5000 miles just to see this band play, because they are THAT good.”
— Shan Dan (Artery Recordings President)

Also, they re-signed with overseas labels: Artery Recordings (USA), JPU Records (UK/EU), and signed with Jaco Records (KOREA). True North debuted at #1 on the Oricon weekly Indie chart and #39 on the weekly album chart. Also, #6 on the iTunes Metal Chart (USA), #35 on the billboard TOP NEW ARTIST (USA)、#47 on the HARDCHARTS (USA). After that, they performed at the COUNTDOWN JAPAN 16/17.

On Jan, they started "Alpha & Omega Tour" with guest bands. After that they started their release tour "True North One-Man Tour". Tour final show at Tsutaya O-East Tokyo, it was sold out. On Mar, they started "True North Asia Tour 2017". It's touring in Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong. They played Japanese summer festivals “Mission Impossible Kyoto 2017”, “Rush Ball 2017”, “Satanic Carnival 2017” and many more. They went to Taiwan “Heartown Festival” with ISSUES (USA) and South Korea “Pentaport Rock Festival 2017”. On Oct 11, they released the single “APOLLO” via Cube Records. It’s included PhaseOne (Australia) remix. They organize very first their festival called “True North Festival” on Oct 21 at Studio Coast Tokyo. That was their 15th anniversary show. They invited 15 guest bands (domestic / oversea) in this festival. Fit For A King (USA), coldrain etc. After that, they went to Europe for their first headline tour. 5 countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and France), 9 shows. Tour guests Aviana (Sweden) and ALL FACES DOWN (Austria). It’s included OUR HOLLOW, OUR HOME’s Halloween show “HOLLOWEEN” and “MORECORE FESTIVAL 2017”. On Dec, they performed at the Porno Ultra Express 2017 and Countdown Japan 17/18.

PRESENT - 2018
On Feb 21 - 23, they start the new tour called “Hyperspace Tour 2018” in Japan with ATTILA (USA). And they played at PULP SUMMER SLAM 2018 (Philippines). After that, they went to UK / Europe for their second headline tour. 10 countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, and Italy), 18 shows and 8 festivals: TECH-FEST 2018 (United Kingdom), JERA ON AIR 2018 (Netherlands), ROCK DEN SEE 2018 (Austria), RESURRECTION FEST 2018 (Spain), FAJTFEST 2018 (Czech Republic), DISSONANCE FESTIVAL 2018 (Italy). Also, they toured and shared the stage with ADEPT (Sweden), Awake The Dreamer (Sweden) and more bands. They announced their new single called “THE CIRCLE” on Aug 8 via Cube Records / JMS. It’s including featuring guests. Track1 - “The Circle” feat. Masato (coldrain), Track2 - “Lost In Forever” feat. Daniel and Tyler (Gideon / USA), Track3 - “True North” remixed by Euphoric Wavism. They will organize “True North Festival” on Sep 16 at Studio Coast Tokyo.

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