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Holy Void and Bloom

All Ages

$10 advance

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The experience of listening to Holy Void has been described as akin to”...being haunted, like when ghosts show up in my heart and remind me of everything I can’t know and the places I’ve left behind... that the dark can hold so much more than light could ever reveal.” Indeed, the thematic content does not shy from psychological darkness, decay, mental illness and death. Yet the band’s sound is possessed of an undeniable joy de vivre, a paradox realized through careful arrangements, obsessive production, and emotional, dynamic live performances.


With a clear love of the early days of shoegaze ( think Kevin shields ) and a romantic appreciation for all things Brian Wilson , Hamilton , Ontario’s Bloom are the harbingers of something new in this world, They have guitars , drums and other contraptions, yes, but it’s what they do with them that sets them apart. combing indigenous imagery with samples of traditional drumming to their song writing and live performance is a frequent occurrence.
They sing too, often over top of each other - acapella, like they used todo back in the day. They are “ young and full of life” and subsequently so is their music , which often takes an ethereal reverbed out POP twist.

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