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with mal/aimé and Chrissy

PWYC, $15 sugg.

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All ages / licensed

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This event takes place on unceded and unsurrendered Algonquin territory. Donations will be collected for Minwaashin Lodge Programs

Attendees, artists and staff are expected to respect one another. Zero tolerance for violence, aggression, oppressive behaviour or language, or bullying. If you are currently implicated in an accountability process, please ensure you are respecting the space and well-being of those you have affected.

ANAMAI is the experimental folk project of Anna Mayberry and David Psutka – soft sounds to dent skin and flesh. The music is naked and exquisitely personal, threatening banality, but mainly an embrace of the commune. Dramatic and confidential anthems of divine insignificance. Across three studio albums, the project has explored the nature of intimacy with tiny confessions released into vast lakes of sound. Simple songs punctuated by clusters of detail. The project is built on contradictions: traditional yet modern; minuscule yet infinite; proud but deflated. Something for everyone and nothing to no one. A search for peace?
ANAMAI released their third album, Dream Baby, on Halocline Trance this fall. Listeners will hear residue from Psutka and Mayberry’s other projects – the scratchy expression of HSY + the functionality of EGYPTRIXX + the baroque digitalia of ACT! but ultimately the record breaks new ground in a long-running series of collaborations. 9 tracks of liquid sonics suggest an antecedent in early Harold Budd or a spiritual homage to the performative intimacy of Bossa Nova artists Joao Gilberto and Gal Costa. Drips of colour across an axis of sound, dimension and human experience.

Yolande Laroche builds dreamy ambient landscapes with loops on synths and voice while demonstrating an array of interesting traditional and non-traditional techniques on clarinet using breath, vocalizing and percussive elements.

Chrissy is a Hull/Mtl-based band that blends together rock, pop, country and punk vibes. Their live performance features quick and dirty songs about love, loss, and going it alone. The band just released their first 7" Your Dove and music video for the title track. The group includes members of The Submissives, Guy Madonna, Drones Club and St. Lo.

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